Active Scenarios are not being displayed On Dashboard

hello #mates,

To see active scenarios have to go on Active scenarios. In Integromat it was displayed on Dashboard. Is it available #withMake or not because i’m not seeing Active scenarios on Dashboard.

There are just Operation and data count chart and statistics only.

Are the scenarios active? You should see them on both the Organization’s page and the Team’s page

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Thanks… Scenarios are active but after going to Active scenarios and returning back to the dashboard it works. Not working directly on the dashboard. Not even after refreshing. May be a server issue,Due to migration load.

Interesting @Prem_Patel :thinking:

If this is still true in a couple of hours, could you please share a screenshot of your dashboard?


I’m Attaching i link of video. Please Refer.

My Lab Drone _ Make - Google Chrome 2022-02-24 12-12-59_Trim.mp4 - Google Drive

There are 2 active scenarios but on Dashboard it is not shown. but this is not a quite big issue. Doesn’t matter much. Thanks…

That is really strange. Have you tried the good old:

  • logging out + deleting cache & cookies + logging back in

  • opening Make in a different browser

  • opening Make in an incognito window?

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