Accessing Integromat scenario as a Make user

Is it possible to access an Integromat scenario link as a Make user? I’m a recent user so I am fully based on Make. When I try to open a scenario that uses an Integromat URL, I only get directed to Make and can’t view it. I hope there’s a way for me to see those scenarios and be able to utilize them for my own. Cheers!

Hello @Tom_Tam , welcome to the community! :wave:

Could you please give us a bit more detail here? Are you a former Integromat user who fully migrated to Make? Thanks for the info!

Hello and thank you!
I’m not an Integromat user because by the time I joined the environment was already Make. The person with the scenario I’m looking for is an Integromat user however! I’m not sure if he’s migrated but his scenario link is in Integromat format: Integromat - Achieve more in less time with fewer people

I see, thanks for the context!

The thing is, in order to see the scenarios of a different Integromat/Make user, you need to be invited into their organization. So asking the person who’s sharing the scenario URL with you to invite you into their org would be the solution here :slight_smile:

I understand now, thank you so much for the info!

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My absolute pleasure!