Is there a way to open a URL during a scenario execution?

I have a scenario that creates a specific URL during execution. I would like to render this URL on the computer that runs the scenario in a new tab. I believe that there is a way to do this using the Chrome extension of make, but this is limited to computers with the extension installed and is cumbersome.

Please note that I’m not talking about starting the scenario via webhook and set a webhook response that will redirect to the new URL - I actually want the URL to render while running the scenario from

Is there a way to have the URL that I generate opened in a new tab during the scenario running?

Thank you for your help.


Using the Integromat Customizable Extension I suppose you could do this, but as you have probably already figured out, you would you need to know the user’s Registration ID in advance (you get this from a specific instance of Chrome and install the extension) and it would only pop up a notification which they would need to click for the page to open.

Either way the user would have to click something, and probably for good reason. I think you’re better off with a webhook - webhook response situation because at least the user wouldn’t miss the Chrome notification.


Hi @Donald_Mitchell
Thanks for your reply.

The Integromat Customizable Extension is not a good solution - first of all it’s not working for me ( I tried using it in several chrome browsers - and I can hear the sound of the alert - but I don’t see any alert) and this is on top of the issue of installing the extension and providing the Registration ID.

Does it work for you?

The webhook response is nice solution - but then I have to trigger the scenario outside of make and since I manually provide some information to the scenario when I run it - I will have to convert it to a form that will gather the information and trigger the webhook etc.

My ideal solution is to be able to render the URL directly within make when I manually running the scenario. I don’t have a problem with having the user to click on something in order to get to the relevant URL.

Any way - Thanks!

Hey Ram,

Yes, it works for me, I just installed and was able to use it.
You’re right, it is cumbersome and because of how it works, I feel like it’s more of an internal tool than anything else.

Just curious, how is your scenario triggered?
Unless your user clicks something, I don’t think there’s any way to end in a new tab or window opening up for them.


Strange - I tired and it’s not working I even created a support ticket with this video:

My scenario is triggered manually directly in make - this is a manual API testing that done directly via make.

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I hear a sound when I run but no notification is seen. Is there any updates on this ?

Hi @Ram :wave:

I noticed that you’ve opened a ticket with us, and our support team has investigated the matter and provided you with the following advice :arrow_down:

Make Support response:

You could do something like this.

When the Scenario run is completed, a clickable notification will appear in the top right corner of the screen to a link that will open a new tab.

  1. First, install the Google Chrome extension for Make.
  2. Then make sure that you have enabled notifications in your Google Chrome.



  1. Add that particular Make Scenario’s URL:

Use notifications to get alerts - Computer - Google Chrome Help

  1. Setup in your scenario: