Replace Integromat capability to Parse "executionId" to automatically link back to scenario logs?

Anyone have a suggestion for this challenge? The “executionID” format and the URL path for scenario logs has changed from Integromat to Make.

In the Integromat days, we were allowed to access the “executionID” variable from within a scenario. This value could be parsed to create an HTML link that would direct someone to the execution log in for a specific run. I used this technique as part of error notifications to help isolate where/when an issue occurred.

Format of Integromat executionID: #######-#############-#
The first 7 digits was the scenario ID, the next series of digits was the log ID, and I believe the last was the cycle.

Format of Integromat scenario logs:

In Make, this has changed and the execution ID does not have enough info to parse a URL; it is only a series of letters and numbers, which I assume is a unique key for the execution.

Is there any other way to get the Team ID and scenario ID automatically within a scenario so that the URL can be created?

Format of Make scenario logs:

Thanks in advance!

I am don’t think I understand why you find this to be challenging but here’s how I do it.

Step 1.
I run a scenario and then copy everything up until logs.

Step 2.
I just add the execution ID to the link in a new variable or so.

P.S. Don’t keep the edit.

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I may not have explained my use case well enough. I have scenarios that are copied and installed for many different clients. For each client, the Team ID and the Scenario ID will be different. Manually editing each notification module for each client slows down the progress quite a bit.

In Integromat, being able to parse the proper information from the execution ID was very helpful for this use case.

The new “system variables” communicated by solve this problem!