Track down Make scenario by Integromat Webhook

I think it might be something really simple, however I don’t know the way to do it (or if it’s even possible)

I have some old form that is sending payload to old integromat webhook on submit (****). We’ve already moved to Make so I’m assuming this old integromat webhook is redirecting to Make scenario now, however I have no idea how to find that scenario.

So the question is:

  • is it possible to track down Make scenario while having only integromat Webhook URL?

The Make API includes an endpoint to list all Hooks for a given Team.

There isn’t a specific module for it in the Make App so you’d use the Make an API Call module to call that endpoint directly.

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Hi there! I just developed a simple scenario that simplifies the process - and ironically it uses Make Webhooks to do the job!

It’s easy and quick, and will output a CSV list of all your Integromat webhooks and their Make counterparts. You will still need to search for them in Make to identify the scenario, but it’s a good help already.

You can check it out here: HookList or directly from Make: HookList if you don’t want to trust the previous URL for whatever reason.

You can also use the attached blueprint, remove the webhook modules and paste your HTML straight to the “Obliterate Boilerplate” (1) module. There’s a short tutorial here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

hookList.json (17.8 KB)