Add a Google Contact without email

Hello Makers,

I’m using the Google Contacts module to create new contacts. The step fails when the email address is empty. Adding a “random” value will trigger/error other automations that rely on an email address.

Is there a way to create a Google Contact without email or value I can insert for it not to fail? I tried false, ignore, null and erase with no. @JugaadiTech maybe you have an idea?


If google contact is not important for you and you wanna avoid to create one. You can use router to create google contact when email exists. and on other route do your other steps.

If you want to create google contact while not bothering if email exists or not. then use “ifempty” function with random dummy email to filled as google contact cannot be created without email.


Thanks Princy, pity it’s not possible to create one without email. I’m currently using the dummy but it creates problems down the road as it triggers other automations and each will require a filter to stop for the dummy.

Use a tag like “dummy emaill” when there is no email. And on other automation filter such contacts.

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I’m currently down with covid, just catching up (ill confirm at a later point on my side) @Zbulo
But in the case it doesnt accept an empty value, can you pass it “null”

If i remember properly it only accepted emails in arrays, so you would need to pass it an empty array.

Let me know if either of those work.


Thanks, is creating such an empty array possible inline or requires a JSON step?

A simple {{add(emptyarray; null)}} doesn’t do the job and I assume it requires structured data.

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.


Might need some tweaking, but thats how you would add an empty array.

array functions are here.


Thanks! :+1: That’s even easier than I thought and works without the null or emptystring. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for being with us even when you’re not well @JugaadiTech!
Hope you’ll feel better in no time, we’re so lucky to have you :purple_heart: