Add contact in Google Contacts - Set connection dynamically

Hi. I’m not sure if this is possible. I would like to create a scenario, whereby depending on the value of an ‘Account’ email, this would create a google contact in the respective google account.

The ‘Connection’ field does not seem to be dynamic, but has to be selected specifically in the module. Basically, a sample logic I would like to do is the below:

I would like not to have to hardcode this, as the amount of subsets can add up from time to time. I would be able to pre-set the connection beforehand. The issue is not being able to select them dynamically.


@karlcassar you have to hard code if yiu dont want to add connections everytime. And after adding connection you need to add routes to send with filter…

If you are not good in coding you can outsource the process of hardcoding connections… And after hardcoding you have to get client id and client secret then with only 3 modules it will work for all of your emails.

What do you mean by ‘hardcode’ in your reply? Any links / further information about this? I’m ok with coding, so I dont mind experimenting if I have some guidelines.