Add users immediately to Slack channel?

Make offers a Slack module to “invite users to a Slack channel”, but it requires the user to manually accept the invite on their end before they are added to the channel.

Is there any API call that I can make to Slack to immediately add the user to a channel? I can do this through the Slack UI, but I’m not sure if there is a way to do this through the Slack API.


Hey @ScottWorld, nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Hmm … I tried to do this on my own scenario and it works fine. The test user is automatically added to the Slack Channel without the need to accept the invite. Can you share a screenshot of the part that the user needs to manually accept the invite on their end?


Hi @Jock_Learns,

Thank you so much for looking into this for me!

You are 100% correct — it actually IS automatically adding the user into the Slack channel.

It was my customer who was mistaken — I didn’t have access to their Slack workspace, and they were mistakenly reporting back to me that nobody had been added to the channel. They were mistakenly looking in the wrong place.

Thank you for your help, and so sorry to bother you and the rest of the community with this, because it never was a problem to begin with! :smiley: