Invite guest to Slack channel


When a we onboard a new client they fill in a Google form. After that I make Google drive maps and a Slack channel. I want to invite them as a one single channel guest instead of a workspace member, because it’s a lot cheaper.

It looks like Make only gives me the option to invite a user and that’s not a single channel guest.

Can someone help me with this?

Hey @GoViral

The Slack Endpoint to invite guests only allows you to invite them to a workspace, and you would need to specify a time when their access would expire:

admin.users.invite method | Slack

This cannot be done with Make’s module, unfortunately, so you can use the ‘Make an API call’ module instead.

I hope that helps you.


@Olly_Ats thank you! Have never done that before. Do you have a YT video that explains easy how to do this maybe? :slight_smile:

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