Adding an uploaded file to from jotform submissions


I am trying to get any files that are uploaded to my jotform to be added to the updates section in Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

@BHDS You’re using the wrong module.
Add an update and then use any of these modules to upload a file:
Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 13.42.33


Thanks. I have added this in but now I keep getting the error below.

That could be an internal error @BHDS , I recommend you create a support ticket with the Make team.

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Can you check the output of your HTTP/Get a File Module?
I tested and Jotform doesn’t return the actual file but a big HTML page.

If you have an HTML page, I don’t know yet how to overcome it, but the issue seems not to be with Monday but Jotform.



I understand what is happening. Jotform doesn’t provide the file anonymously, you need to be connected.
Which means that the HTTP Get File module receives an Authentication page…
You can see it if you copy the URL generated by Jotform, you open a new Incognito tab and paste the url; you will see you are redirected to the login page of jotform…

Let me see if there’s a workaround.

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I have a workaround!

In Jotform, you need to get an API Key

Don’t use Get a File, Use “Make an API Key Request” instead
2024-06-14_12-03-41 (1)

You get a Binary file you can upload in Monday

I hope it helps



Hi Benjamin, thank you so much for your help!!! :grinning:
Your solution works perfectly and I can now add the uploaded files to the file column in I have included a screenshot below for anyone else who might be trying to do the same.


Hello @BHDS !

Really happy it worked for you! And thanks so much for sharing the last part!