Getting File through Jotform URL

I looked at another post on this subject but my error is different. When I use HTTP to get a file from a Jotform submission, I get “Invalid URL.”

The URL looks like this * * * * *

If I click that link (while I’m logged in) the file downloads no problem. If I try to put the API key in the headers it just says Invalid URL.

Does Jotform have a dedicated download file module? If yes you should be using that


Not to my knowledge, but does the URL, on its face, look malformed or otherwise invalid somehow?

The URL itself looks fine, but of course, if you’re not properly authenticated, you don’t have access to the form submission (or its data).

According to the API docs of Jotform though, you can get this with an API call:

I don’t have Jotform myself, but I can imagine it will look something like this:

You might be able to also feed it the form submission ID (the above just takes the form ID I took from your URL), to get the specific one with a file.


It’s not really a thing. Use API to download PDFs

The call above gets a list of files. To get an actual file I have to use a URL, which is what I’m trying to do using

If I put in the API URL or the URL type I posted above into my browser, the file immediately downloads; why can’t make’s HTTP module ingest it? Instead I get a 404…

Hey @Allen_Vance,

I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding things right :slight_smile:

Are you looking to:

  1. Download the attached files a person upload via the form
  2. Or download a PDF version of the submitted form

In case of 1. that API call above should work fine.

In case of 2. it’s a bit more tricky, since there isn’t a direct API call to do this. However, I made a jotform account myself and messed around with it a bit. And found a “hidden” call their frontend was using.

I got it to work with the following setup:

So first I feed the Get a file module my file. The URL I’m telling it to get is the following one:****369/586651884***103/586651****59103.pdf?ufs=jotformpdfs&apiKey=04a5db0*******7dc5d6 (redacted a bit ofcourse :wink: )

So in your case, this should become something like this:

This gets the file properly downloaded to the scenario:

I can then map this to any other module (like the mail module) and send it via email to someone.

And this sends the PDF via the attachments:

Hope this helps!

Thomas - Nola Digital


Hi @Allen_Vance

You need to turn off “Require log-in to view uploaded files” button in jotform settings. and then you can directly pass this url in http module. You don’t need to use any authentication.

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I can’t do that, as the files contain sensitive PII.