Jotform: Download an uploaded jpeg from the form

I am creating a new scenario and I want to get a jpeg from url. But, with the HTTP module “download a file from a given url”, I’ve got a 404 DataError…
Could you help me and give me some tips?

Send a screenshot of an error and module

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As Prem_Patel states, it’s always very usefull for us to see screenshots since we are a community and can not look into your scenarios.

@Liora_LAULIER Since I am not sure what is going on (we do not have all information), I can not say for sure this will work. But try to use the “HTTP → Make a request” module and use a GET request. Then activate the “follow all redirect” to make sure it follows the redirect to the end of the file.
Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 13.29.06

Of course :wink: here are some pics.
It is HTTP “Get File”. My link is built like this : “
The download works in a browser.

This seems most likely due to the file being secured by jot form. The request could/would work in your browser if you are logged into jot form - but since the integromat call is happening from integromat server the authentication info would not be available.

You can try to get a public download url from jot form api… not sure how their api works, otherwise will take some creativity/ work to make an authenticated http request to jot form


@Liora_LAULIER I don’t see the full screenshot of the Data you get back when you make a GET request to this URL. What does it state?
It looks to me like this could be because the image is behind a jotform URL which is protected. It most likely works in your browser because you are logged in, you can check this by opening the URL in an incognito.

If you want to change this and make the link public, you can check this following article: Upload - make public?

Hope this helps you!


Hi @Liora_LAULIER,

You can actually authenticate use the HTTP “Make a request” module to get the secure file. You need to add a header with your API key like this:


Hi @Liora_LAULIER,
not sure it will help you but in my scenario the HTTP - Get a file module work fine with Jotform - Watch for submissions module, with really simple settings.

Hi @Bensamims, it works in your case because you must have set your upload as public in your form settings. It looks like @Liora_LAULIER has it set as private (Jotform default)

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Thanks to all of us and sorry for my late answer. @loic.wiseflow Yeah that was exactly that: I have to enter my api key in url or headers to download the image. Maybe Make will develop a module like typeform in order to download all media…