Adding Contacts from AirTable to MailChimp list with selected Tags

I am trying to pull contacts from an AirTable base and add them to MailChimp along with selected tags.

I have an AirTable form setup to collect new client info.
I created a Make Scenario triggered by new records in Airtable to add the client to my MailChimp audience. I can see that I can also add a tag to every client when I add them.
What I would like to do is add specific tags (Cancellation List, News) to the client based on corresponding selected fields on the AirTable form.

The current setup is very basic, and I’m not sure how to begin thinking about mapping this scenario.

(I’m very entry level on programming, but I catch on quick)

You need to use switch function in tags. So it will be like if Airtable field says x then use tag A. If y then use tag B

Princy Jain
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