Airtable add option to multi-select

I am updating existing records in a table via API through Make. Is there any way to add new options to the multi-select at update stage? The Airtable API allows for this but only when the Typecast property is enabled. The Airtable Make modules dont have the option to enable the Typecast property

Hello Jaco_west,

Can you show me what Airtable endpoint you need the Typecast property.
You can use the Make API call module to execute specific API requests.
We can also develop an Airtable custom module to add this parameter missing in the module.
Let me know if you want and need help to develop a custom module.

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Hi, I was also searching for this typecast option. This should be really simple to implement, can we maybe add it to make?

I’ve posted a feature request. You can upvote it here:

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