Adding Image to Create Notion Database Item

Hi All! Loving Make and struggling with a setup. First time in the forum, hello to all!

I use Notion for an Interior Design client that manages more than 2000 items of furniture (and the like) through the procurement process. Starting the process of integrating Notion databases with QBO, but first, want to create a “Client Dashboard” where they can review sourced items and approve them. I may ultimately build a no-code app for this, but in the meantime, looking to create silo-ed (private databases) for each Client Project that only includes relevant data. I note that Airtable has this feature included, but I’d like to keep everything inside of Notion (as the company Designers love the interface).

First step is to have a scenario that takes data from notion proporties and adds it to a separate database. Simple enough:

However, I’ve attempted every which way to map the Image URL from the first database into the new one, and get nothing but errors:

I’ve tried HTTP to grab the image file, but not joy. Played with Aggregator as well but nothing.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Waiting for the same answer.

But as far as I know, Notion does not support image upload/download.

finding another solution…

You may try to first upload the image to Google Drive / Dropbox, and then map that URL in your target Notion module. Images need to be hosted externally for this to work.

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how to make it dynamic?

Cause each post (database id) has a different image.

You can map the URL from the first Notion module into a Get File HTTP module (or directly into a cloud storage service if feasible). Then use the newly-generate file in the subsequent Notion module in the URL field of the image property.

Any further questions are welcome if you need more information to understand

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