Adding multiple items from an iterator fo a Multiple Link field in Airtable

I have a question involving iterators/arrays and Make/Airtable.

I have a module that spits out an array. I am splitting this up using an Iterator.

All good so far.

I want to add the results from the iterator to an Airtable property which allows linking to multiple records.

e.g. Memberstack array has: name[1]: johnDoe, name[2]: janeDoe.

When I run the “update Airtable” module, I want both johnDoe and janeDoe to be added as unique items to the Airtable item.

So far I have got it to “work”, but only so that the item is updated, then immediately updated again to the next item in the array.

Can anyone help?

Screenshots attached.

Hello. Try this…
After your Iterator, place a JSON Aggregate to JSON module.
After JSON should be your Airtable module.
For MemberstackMembershipPlanID, tick the “Map” to ON.
After connecting Airtable to your JSON module, you can open up the JSON module again and you should be able to select the MemberstackMembershipPlanID as the Data Structure.
Then, in JSON Aggregate to JSON, fill in the fields from the Iterator.
The final product should be a JSON you can pass to MemberstackMembershipPlanID in the Airtable module.

I hope this makes sense, and hope it works!


Thanks very much. I have tried following these instructions, but am getting stuck on the last bit: passing the fields to Airtable.

Here is a sample output from the JSON:

Do you know how I can add only the planID(s) to Airtable as multiple records? e.g. I want to add every PlanID.

I have also tried to follow this tutorial, but haven’t managed to get it to work either:

Sorry, I think I misunderstood what you were trying to do here and getting confused not knowing how your Airtable is structured.

Looks like MemberstackMembershipPlanID is a Linked Record?
And for this single record, you want to create links to multiple records in the MemberstackMembershipPlanID field?

So if MemberstackMembershipPlanID is a Linked Record, and assuming you have Smart links enabled, then Record ID 1 should be the name of the record,

If you’re linking multiple records, then you need to tick on the Map option and input an array instead, like this:

In this case then, use an Array Aggregator instead of an Aggregate to JSON.

Edit: Adding a blueprint you can check out. This uses Array Aggregator and the map function to filter out fields from the array that match criteria. In this case we get an array of PlanId when status = ACTIVE.
memberstack_planID.json (7.6 KB)