Create JSON Array from linked Airtable Records

Hey all,

I have an airtable where each entry has more than one linked record, I want to send these on as an item to in the following scheme:

There are two fields, one link and one name. Unfortunately, I currently only manage that it is displayed to me so and not individual items are created for it.
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 17.46.25

How can I do this? I can not find a good solution. Hope someone can help me…

Hi @Jens,

Correct me if I am wrong,

You have an Airtable Record that has linked records of items that can be multiple and you want to generate the JSON as specified in the screenshot above, right?

By this, I mean the Order Record in Airtable has order_number, total, and items as a linked record in Airtable.

What you can do is,

a) After the current Get/Search Records that you have, add an iterator, that loops over the linked records, after which you can use Get a Record to get the details of linked items from Airtable.
b) After which, put an array aggregator
c) Use Create a JSON Module and generate the JSON Structure based on what is needed in, You can use the following when generating the structure

	"order_number": "",
	"total": 123.33,
	"items": [{
		"category": "",
		"name": "",
		"quantity": 1,
		"price": 12

After which map the Order Number and Total from the Source Airtable Module and for items click map and then use the output of Array aggregator.

d) Go to the Aggregator and set the Source Module to Iterator and Target Structure Type to Create a JSON > Items
e) Map the category, name, and other in the Aggregator

This should generate the JSON that is required for Please do let me know if this make sense.

Screenshot from 2023-04-21 22-17-20

Screenshot from 2023-04-21 22-17-42

This works great, thank you for your help!!!

@Runcorn I have now a similar workflow where I drag speakers to a speaking slot, so there can be multiple linked records (speakers) as well. Now, I want to create an image with the speakers using For instance, if there are 3 speakers, then I need a template for 3 speakers, if there are 4, then for 4, and so on. The fields are predefined, so I need to insert the values of Speaker 1 in Field 1, Speaker 2 in Field 2, and so on. Do you have a solution on how I can do this? Whenever I insert it, only the first speaker is displayed.

You need to put the Palcid app before the aggregrator, plus what do you wan to do with it once you get the image?

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So I dont need the aggregator?

After the placid app, I will upload the image to the airtable record from the first step.

Do you have an idea @Runcorn?

Hi @Jens, Sorry completely missed your notification. Is the new changes that you are trying to implement in the same scenario that we previously worked with the

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No problem! I’m already very excited about your help anyway!

Its based on the same Airtable, but now for an other case.

Here it is explained a bit more detailed: Creating graphics for variable speaker count in

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