After records are created, add one last record adding previous records as linked records

Hi, I have an scenario where I create several airtable records from a previous iterator, but then as last step I want to make one last airtable record, but I need to add the previously created records as linked records.

I though of using an ‘agregator’ to collect the record ids of all new records and then pass that data as value for the linked record field on my last airtable record.

But as you have already figured it out just from reading my approach it doesn’t work like that :frowning:

Hi @acjnas,

You don’t need to add filters or others as part of the workflow you want. If you want to simply create a record after the Current Create a Record is done, what you want to do is,

    1. In the Current Array Aggregator, Change the Source to Iterator,

Screenshot from 2023-06-30 12-54-48

What this does is it will ensure that your last module i.e Create a Record after everything is done will always be triggered once.

    1. Over there in the last Module Create a Record, You can then use the Records from Array Aggregator, by using either map function or you can change the Target Data Structure to match that of the linked record that you want to create in Airtable.
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Thank you very much for your help,

I have followed your instructions, and it looks like they are leading me in the right direction.

However, to crack the mapping data structure for the last steps is going to require me to master javascript.

I need to extract the values for ‘ID’ from the iterator and pass them as values for my linked records field.

I have tried like 16 different combinations for mapping, get, join, and because of my lack of experience they always fail.

try, simply,


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