Adding related fields to google sheets from an iterated array

I have an array of linked records (to a table called “Prospect and Sales” in an Airtable table, “Prospect emails” and I want to pull data from the source table, “prospects and sales” and put them in to cells in google sheets, one row per record. In the example I am running, I have four records. It puts the Record Id’s in the first column, but then adds only the fields from the first record into the fields, not the ones relating to the record id’s.

Thank you kindly

Hi @Christopher_Lembke

I noticed that you’ve used “Property name” in the Google Sheet, which is an array. This will always result in the first element of the array. To investigate further, could you please provide more information? A detailed Loom video would be helpful.

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Thank you for you response and feedback. I am not sure what you feel the problem might be. The array is the record Id of the records from the “Prospect and Sales” tab in Airtable that are linked to the triggering record in “Prospect email”

Thank you for your support

I suppose what I would need is to map the other fields in the array, but it won’t allow me to do that

Try to hardcode the required data eg:{{20.value}}, If you are getting data after the iterator module.


Hi, thanks, you mean hardcode in the spreadsheet?

No if you can’t get the data to map in the module we can use hardcode the required data. Before that please check whether you are getting all the data.


Ok, so it appears that only the “record id” passes through the iterator, how can I have the other fields come though with the “record id”?

That’s the solution, I put the source of the array after the iterator to pick up the records relating to the “record id” in the iterator. Now it works, thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Msquare_Automation


We’re glad it worked out, and we’re happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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