Affiliate program

Can anyone tell me if the affiliate program still provides 1 month free trial on the pro plan. My clients don’t seem to be recieving that.

Hey Andrew.
When i joined the affiliate programme recently i got a welcome email with the subject
“Thank you for joining Make’s affiliate program. Let’s start earning!” - at the bottom of that email was a link to a form to apply for the promo programme. I completed that form and about a week later i got an email stating “promo code activated” and it said “Customers who sign up for Make using your affiliate link will now automatically receive 1 month of Make’s Pro plan with 10,000 ops.”

I hope that helps.

That’s what I thought. Do you still have it; Was it time limited.?

I hope it’s ok for me to paste the link to the form

@Michaela let me know if this is not ok (there wasn’t anything to suggest it needed to kept private).

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Heya @IainM thanks a lot for checking whether it’s ok to share the form publically :pray:
It is, indeed, not a problem :slight_smile:

Just to give you the context: This is a form where all Make affiliates can request to activate the promo on their affiliate link. Please be aware that we will be able to activate your promo after January 10, 2023.

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Thanks for that. As it turns out mine has been sorted today.

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