After Router how to merge again?

I did some searching but came up empty. I have a scenario where I need to use a router where if the customer doesn’t exist, I need to make them and then follow the rest of the scenario. But when I split at the router I can’t seem to fall back into the scenario to finish everything. Once I split the scenario at the router is there anyone to “merge” is back in line with the remaining modules in the scenario?

Hey @DanielS
Unfortunately, that exact function isn’t available in Make/Integromat, however, you can mimic the function as described here: Converger Help Docs | Integromat Help Center


Too bad …
It’s still an essential function for more clarity

The best method for the OP’s requirement (creating an object if it doesn’t exist) is to use Make’s error handling and the Resume module.

For example, you could have something like this:

This scenario tries to create the record in Zoho based on the details in the Google Form. If that record already exists, it throws an error and follows the lower error handler route, finding the object and updating it.

The Resume module tells Make to resume processing after the failed module (in this case, the Create module), using different outputs to replace the outputs of the failed module.

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