AI Face and Logo Detector

Hey everyone,

Every year, we host a large event where a significant number of photos are taken. We have a list of partners and speakers whom we photograph. It would be fantastic if the photos of the partners and speakers could be automatically sorted into the correct folders.

While there are AIs that can track logos or faces, we only want to track the logos and faces that we provide to the AI. The AI would then identify which photos contain the specified speaker or logo.

I recently participated in a race where over 70,000 photos were taken. I was able to upload a selfie, and the AI instantly showed me all the photos where my face appeared, even in shots where I was barely visible. They used this tool:

Does anyone know of a tool that covers these specific needs? It would greatly assist our photographers in sorting the images.

Thanks for your help!

Something like that perhaps? You upload images and get it to detect from the existing set of images.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!