Airtable: Column ID & Search Formula

I am trying to automate the capture of my inventory in Airtable. I am using the Airtable Upsert module to either create a new record or update the existing. I am using my SKU as the identifier and its the primary field in my table. With Upsert I need to identify a Record ID or else it will create a new record. OK, search for the record in my table using the SKU to get the Record ID.

I’ve encountered two things that I can find no explanation for in the documentation (which is something I’ve come to expect and has led to many hairpulling nights). First, I understand the advantage of using the Column ID, but I have no idea how to get the Column ID and can find no explanation for it anywhere. I can’t even find details if this is an Airtable ID, like the Record ID or a Make ID. Searching both Airtable and Make yield nothing about this field. It’s probably buried in the doc for some other part of Make but I don’t know where to find the Column ID.

Second confusion is search formula. It says “An Airtable formula used to filter records”. OK, I’m very familiar with Airtable formula. When I read the help doc on the Airtable module though this is the example given: " For example, to only include records where Name isn’t empty, pass in NOT({Name} = '') as a parameter like this:


Neither of those are Airtable formulas. Is the first one a typo and missing a "? I don’t even know what the second one or how I go from an Airtable formula to whatever the next line is. Javascript?

I believe I’ve gotten the module to work after much trial and error and burning a number of operations (another thing I’ve come to expect learning this platform), but I’d like to begin using Column IDs because changing column names can be on-going as I still am working out the kinks on the Airtable side.

EDIT: I see after this was posted and the text is in a different font, that the first Airtable formula is two single apostrophes and not one single quotation. In the help documentation it looks like a single quotation mark.