Help me understand WHY and HOW the Formula in the Search Records for Airtable woks

I have setup a connection between Postgres and Airtable using the search and upsert modules. It works, but I struggle to understand why. Especially the search module and the formula.

I found my solution via this post: Airtable Integration, Upsert a record - Does not seem to work correctly with Smart Links = ON

To make the Upsert work I need to have a formula that, I believe, maps something to a record id in airtable, but I’m unsure why or how this works exactly, and I would like to understand that :-). I just copy/pasted my solution from the post.

In Airtable I have a table called “Vouchers” where the Primary Key column is called id. I know there is a record id “behind” that in some way, or at least a “hidden” column that has a record id for the row.

So with this and the screenshots attached, can anyone explain in pain language what is happening in the Formula field in the search module that makes this work?

Welcome @redherring to the Make community,

Try to wrap the {{7.VoucherID}} in " " (square ones) like in my print screen below.
Secondly, I always start the search with column from Airtable and map this with my variable (as set in the help text). Not sure if this makes a difference as well :wink:


Thanks a lot. It seems to work either way. Can you explain what this formula actually does in plain language? I gather it is something anout mapping, but not entirely sure ehat’s happening. It works, but I can’t completely grasp why😊

Glad I could help :slight_smile:
The search module checks the column ‘id’ in your Airtbale base and returns the records that have the value ‘VoucherID’

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