Not sure how to properly use Smart Links to assign a different RecordID


I am trying to update some product data in Airtable using the make Airtable Upsert, however, I need to make sure I am targetting the right product to upsert.

My product data comes from an HTTP request, I cant use the ‘RecordID’ to identify a record because I would have to pull this initially from Airtable in a search but I would have no way of linking that ID to the newly pulled products.

I have tried enabling ‘Smart Links’ and setting the RecordID to my product Name, however, this doesn’t work because there’s no way to tell it to look into my Airtable name field rather than the default RecordID.

If anyone has any ideas or tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an attached image of my current setup, where it searches the current products in Airtable, converts that into an array, makes an HTTP request to get the updated products, and then iterates the new product data and also iterates the old ‘name’ values from the initial Airtable data array to be used as the record id. The error ‘[422] Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data.’ occurs as I assume it doesn’t like me putting the ‘name’ from the Airtable search array as it doesn’t match any of the ‘RecordID’ it is searching against.


Hello @BrendanJ,

It may be easier to help if you showed some examples of your data, what you initially have access to and what needs to be updated in the end.

Are both of your Airtable modules searching/upserting the same table?

If so, then you should have access to the Record ID you need to upsert.
If not, before the Upsert, I think you’ll need to use another Search Records with enough specific information to find the record ID of the record you want to update.


Hey Donald, thanks for the reply.

I managed to get it working by another Airtable search before the upsert and used the formula to only look at the ID within that iteration.


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