(airtable) i want to append a array of record id’s to a multiple field record


i have created 2 tables, one for houses (woningen) and the other one users.
So the users have a profile with for example min and max what they want to pay for a house.
So the house goes to a filter of all the users profile
but the user overwrite the current user that is added to the field

i have tried the add formula but nothing happens nothing is added:

also tried the array aggrergator but gives me this error:
but it gives me this error:


Validation failed for 3 parameter(s).

Hey @Aardig_amsterdam ,

What is your exact goal of this scenario? To add users to woningen if they match something?

If you have 2 different tables, adding an ID from one table in the other won’t work since they have different IDs per table. In that case you need to add lookup fields etc.
Can you be a little more specific in what you are looking for, and how your Airtable look exactly?

P.S. je kunt mij ook een bericht sturen of eens mailen, kunnen we altijd kijken of ik je kan helpen!

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