In Airtable - copy multiple records containing field with the same linked record


I have a list of rooms in a tab on Airtable that are connected to a property.

When I rent out a property, that sale is registered in “Prospects and Sales”

I then link the sale back to the “Pricelist/Inventory” and the “Properties” tabs.

The Router is there for additional actions that I putting in. I then search up all the records in the “Rooms” tab that contain the “Property” record that is linked to the sale

The problem is that the records in the output are split in the bundles

So when I create the records in the “Rooming Lists” tab, I end up with more records than I had from the beginning with information scattered across the records (there should only be 8 records, there are 13)

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help

Looks like you need to implement an Array Aggregator, and group by the record ID.

For more information, see


Thank you Sam for your response. I suspected that was one of the problems. Ok, so I have now managed to pass the correct records through. However, when creating the records, it only inputs the “Record Id” from the Webhook at the beginning. How can I get all the information to fill out the fields in the last stage. Results (process below):



Thank you again for your time and attention

Solved it! forgot to set up a linked field in the new record to the record I was copying. Also, I changed the “search record” to get record based on the “Property ID”.

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Hi @Christopher_Lembke :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to figure this one out! :clap:

Thanks a bunch for stepping back in here and sharing your final setup for the benefit of the community :pray: This is super helpful and much-much appreciated.