Airtable to Runtime Error

Hi All,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Two concerns.

  1. Runtime Error

I am trying to connect Airtable to to pass along lead info.

The error is: RuntimeError [400] addresses: [object Object]

  1. I have Conversation History in Airtable with is a long text entry. I’d like to add it to the notes section of for the contact.

Do you know how?

Currently i have added to a Custom Field. In close it says it is for short text…

I’ve tried automation with and without the conversation history and the issue persists.

Thanks for the help!



A 400 error often means that there is something wrong with the data you send (a missing mandatory field, a wrong field used, bad document format, etc). Can you please try and give more details about the error message you get? isn’t there any other info?
On your screenshot, it says “addresses”, are you mapping the address of the contact?
It’s possible that you are mapping an incorrect data from Airtable.

Any other information would be great.