Airtable to Google Docs (Single File)

I am trying to create invoices in google docs using Airtable and Integromat. Please note that I want to create all of the invoices in one single document, but the problem is that it is creating multiple invoices in multiple invoices (one invoice in one document) while I want to create (Multiple invoices in one document).
Currently I’m simply using Airtable->Iterator->Aggregator->Google Docs
How can it be done or is there any other solution?

Here’s how you can achieve this:
Set up a scenario in Integromat to retrieve the invoice data from Airtable. Use the “Airtable - Get Records” module to fetch the invoice details.
Use the “Iterator” module to loop through the retrieved records. Inside the iterator, use a “Set Variable” module to accumulate the invoice data. You can use a text variable to store the formatted invoice information.For example, you can create a template for each invoice and concatenate the invoice details for each record into the text variable.
After the iterator, use the “Google Docs - Create a Document” module to create a new Google Docs document.
In the “Content” field of the “Create a Document” module, insert the accumulated invoice data that you stored in the text variable. This will add all the invoice information to the document.
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Thank You
Dear I also have an image too along with many other entries that i need to show in google docs.

can you please go through setting up set vaiable and get variable and how would they help me consolidate all of the information (maybe hundreds of pages) in 1 google doc document.

Thank you

Basic Idea

  1. After fetching each entry’s data, use the “Set Variable” module.
  2. In the “Set Variable” module, configure the variables for each piece of information you want to consolidate. For example, you might have variables like “Title,” “Description,” “Image URL,” etc.
  3. Map the corresponding data from your entry to each variable.
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I’ve tried this but still it is creating multiple google docs to store information, while I want to have all of the information in one single document