AirTable vs. Google Sheets

Hi All! We’re considering whether to use AirTable or Google Sheets as a central place to store our customer data. In our use cases we, in particular, need to read/write to/from our email marketing software (Klaviyo is where we lean), to make sure the data in AirTable/Sheets is synced with our email marketing software.

Has anyone tried both AT and Sheets, and if so do you have any perspective on which has proven easier to integrate with? Thanks for any advice!

Google Sheets definitely feels easier but thay could also be because most users have used Google Sheets in one capacity or another in their day to day work.

I think both have their upsides with Airtable having an easier way of setting up filtered views and access control features, as well as the ability to setup workflows within its database. On the other hand, Google Sheet is free, has tons of plugins available in its Marketplace, Airtable can get expensive pretty quick if you are dealing with large sets of data.

Hope this helps!


To add to the equation, it depends a bit on what you need.

As @sArchitect said, Airtable does have a lot of features built in to provide dashboarding, give multiple views (e.g. one for marketing, one for CEO…). Those things require a lot more work to set up with Gsheets, but can be done.

Both have options to automate/process data internally. Either via extensions, formulas or via App Script in Sheets.

In the end, it all comes down to:

  • What do I need (is it purely data storage, or do i want filtered views, multiple dashboards…)
  • How much time do I want to invest in setting up the data
  • How much am I willing to pay

(note, if you feel adventurous, there’s also an open source tool called nocodeDB, that’s an alternative to airtable)