Any users connecting Make to ERP's as primary integrators?

At a previous company we connected Netsuite using celigo, and we may be going with boomi, but I really like Make and the connections/ upgrades they keep making. I’m really leaning toward trying out make with it as it’s quickly become one of my favorite integrators over the year and it’s easy to onboard new builders.

We plan on using Zoho and NS. With Make having robust connectors for both of these it’s something I’m considering moving towards, but would love any feedback or experience!

Great question!

Tools like Celigo and Boomi are often used as what we’d call “enterprise interconnects”. Frequently, they would have been built into the original system architecture to connect the key systems of record.

They’re primarily designed to be used by technical development teams only, and are low-code rather than no-code solutions. Key differences for both compared to Make are:

  • Limited number of built-in connectors - low hundreds rather than 1400+
  • Often need Javascript coding for anything more than simple scenarios
  • Both very pricey, especially if you want more than just a few connectors or scenarios

If you want a solution that’s easily expandable beyond that “enterprise interconnect” stage, and where scenarios can be built and maintained by Citizen Developers as well as by professional coders, then Make has a significant edge over both Celigo and Boomi.

If you need NetSuite connectivity you’ll be looking at Make’s Enterprise plan. Contact our sales team here if you’d like to know more or to set up a trial.

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