Any wat to export all date into a Google Sheet (not row by row)

  • I want to export all companies from HubSpot into Google Sheets. Not row by row but each day to export all companies into the same exact Google Sheet (overwrite all data)

  • I tried but only saw options to update or add a row. But I want the entire sheet to be overwritten each time.

I guess I’m just looking for the overview steps of which parts to use to string this together. Any idea?


To do this in Make, you may need to use Google Sheets Make an API Call module, which becomes an advanced task since there are no built-in modules to help with this - unless you want to edit row by row.

You would use the spreadsheets.values.update method (Method: spreadsheets.values.update  |  Google Sheets  |  Google for Developers) along with a speadsheets.values (valueRange) REST Resource (REST Resource: spreadsheets.values  |  Google Sheets  |  Google for Developers) which is basically an array of arrays.

Depending on how your data comes out of HubSpot, it might be fairly easy to convert the output bundles into the data structure the Google API needs.


I wonder if there’s a different approach that could happen. Is there not a way to say !) clear all fields in the sheet, and then B) add all rows?

I don’t know the platform well so maybe there’s a reason this wouldn’t work.

Yes, you can try HubSpot → Iterator → Google Sheets Update a Row.

Iterator will run Google Sheets Update a Row once for each bundle output by HubSpot.
Hopefully HubSpot has a number that can be used as a counter.

What does HubSpot output bundle look like?