Anyway to evaluate new records in batches in shopify?

I know there is a watch record option that will look at each order as they come in. However, I need an option to look at all orders that were created since the last run of a scenario.

The reason for this is we use a 3rd party add in to enter the due date of the order (something bizarrely shopify doesn’t support out of the box). And that date might get added 30 to 90 seconds after the order is actually created.

So if I use the ‘watch new order’ feature, the date is not likely to be populated yet.

If I use the “Search for Orders” module for shopify, that works, but it repeats the same results over and over and looks through all orders created since we went live.

Is there any way to filter on the “Search for Orders” module for just orders created since the scenario was last run?

You can use Search for Orders if it allows you to sort by newest order first.

Then, you can create a filter to only process orders that are created between 15 minutes ago and 30 seconds ago.