API Calls limit error

Hey, I have a problem with my api calls limit. I am trying to connect to a module with an api key, but I get the error: “You have reached the API calls limit. For more API calls, please upgrade your account”. I did upgrade my account to core from free right after I got this error message for the first time, but I still get this error. What can I do?

Welcome to the Make community!

I think the “limit” is not running out of Make operations included in your free Make tier, but an external service (app/module) your scenario is using.

Could you take a closer look at which module the error is coming from?


If you’re running into this issue with ChatGPT, go to OpenAI.com and then hit log in. Go to API and on the left hand side there will be a little bar graph that says usage. That tells you how much you’re using and what you’ve set your account limit to be. Directly underneath on the left hand side there is a gear - click it and it will open a drop down menu. Select billing and add more credit to your account.