API Key Auth request - Api key not being accepted

Hi there,

I have problem with a HTTP-Request with API Key Auth.

This is my Setup:

And this is the error I am getting:

I am thankful for every hint.

Thank you


Hi Mark,

I can’t exactly tell you why this fails. I thought, it might be the “content-type: application/json” failing in the header but I just tested in on my end and that was not was causes this error.

But why are you not using the regular modules: GetMyInvoices Integration | Workflow Automation | Make


Hi Gijs,

thank you for your reply.

It seem that the GMI-Modul misses to pass the filter “transactions”.


Before I checked every possible issue (Allowint to transact banking infos for example)

And the Modul don’t allows direct API-Calls…

Hi there,

finally I could find a solution:

You have to pass the key with the header.

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Your original approach should have worked but you had X-API-Key rather than X-API-KEY.

The header must have been looking for the exact case sensitive header key name.