APP Changelog

Integromat had like a timeline that showed when modules get updated or added. Does this exist in make?

Reason I ask is I haven’t built many scenarios lately and went to see if a app had the functionality already or if I needed to use the apps custom api module and noticed there was quite a bit of new modules that I didn’t know were added in the last few months.

This one was pipedrive, now i’m wondering if any of my other apps have been up updated with new modules.

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Heya @jbuesking thanks a lot for raising this question :pray:

The ‘What’s new’ timeline is something the team definitely wants to bring to Make since we see the tremendous value it brings to the users. At this moment, there is no accurate estimate for this feature but in the meantime, you could keep an eye on the #monthly-app-digest posts here in the community.

A moment ago, I published the most recent one that summarizes new apps & modules released in November: 🟣 [Monthly App Digest] November 2022

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