Integromat Timeline not available in Make?

One feature of Integromat that I really enjoyed, was the clear overview of all new apps and modules added, every time I logged in. (Also visible here, on the timeline page).
I can not see this feature in Make, and feel I am missing out on updates and opportunities to automate my various processes.
Are there any plans to add this back into the platform? Also returns a 404.


Hello there @LFUTN :wave:

That is an excellent question and thank you so much for bringing it up! We are definitely planning to bring the ‘What’s new’ timeline into Make because we understand that it’s a great place to learn about all the updates. We’re also planning to start posting a regular monthly digest of all the apps/modules released in the ‘Backstage News’ category of the community :slight_smile:


Thank you so much,
That is indeed great to hear :slight_smile: .
I am looking forward to these news posts!

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