ArcGIS Survey123 new fields not available in scenario

I have an existing survey in ArcGIS Survey123 (AGOL) created in Survey123 Connect that I have included in a scenario and is functioning properly. The problem is, I have added a new read-only field to my survey and re-published it to AGOL, but that new field is not available for me to use in the scenario. Is there a way to “refresh” the scenario somehow so that it retrieves the latest fields from the survey?

Have you tried running a survey through make again with a new survey response populating the new field? That will “prime” the scenario with new data structures from survey123.

Hi @alex.newpath , yes I have tried that and still the field will not show up as an available field to use in the scenario. Thanks,

Have you tried just coding it with the {{}} formatting?


Where the module number is 1 and field name is right after that. If it is an array you’ll need to put a [x] after the fieldname where x is the array index.

@alex.newpath that did not seem to work.

If I clone the scenario and create a new webhook, then in the cloned scenario the field I am looking for shows up in the list of available attributes. Is this expected behaviour?

It is not expected. But a good workaround! Sometimes you have to “clean install”.

I have added the Survey123 connector webhook to 4 different surveys in ArcGIS Survey123, so the connector is watching for new submissions to 4 different surveys. I have a router that then detects the Form ID from Survey123 and routes the payload to various other modules depending on what the Form ID is. The surveys all use the same feature layer, except for this one that does not expose the attributes I am looking for. This works for ALL surveys, its just that the one is not making these two particular attributes available. I had thought that the one Survey123 module would read all survey attributes for all surveys that use the webhook, but it seems this is not the case.

Is it recommended instead to use a different scenario for each survey?

Webhooks can be connected to a maximum of one scenario. So yes.

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Yes, I have the webhook connected to only one scenario, but that webhook is being used by multiple ArcGIS Survey123 Surveys that use the same feature layer, except for one of those surveys.