Unable to create a webhook

Today is Feb 7, 2023. I’m trying to create a webhook to my ArcGIS Online account. It seems to create and accept my credentials, and even allows me to pick the survey I’m trying to access (in the Survey123 Watch Survey module), but then it gives me this error:

It doesn’t let me save the settings, it just gives me that spinning wheel, then it times outs with that error.

I’ve created connections and webhooks before and haven’t had this problem. Am I doing something wrong?

I would recommend you to please remove the existing connection from the connection’s tab and create a new connection from scratch.

This will resolve the issue completely.

Also, you could try to set the “Max Token Expiration Minutes” in your ArcGis portal setting to 129600 minutes.

​The ArcGis docs describe the procedure for setting the maximum token expiration time:

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