Argument error, options body (Google Drive) - what could the message mean?

Anybody has an idea what this error message means?
I am getting this from Google Drive. This workflow takes picture from Airtable, though Remove.BG (background remover service) to Cloudinary (picture enhancement and resizing) and then goes to Google Drive.

The odd thing is, the workflow works okay 3 or 4 times, so processes 3-4 pictures okay and they are saved in Google Drive fine, but after that it stops and shows the error.

So I wonder is this Google Drive related or is it related to the previous service e.g. Remove.BG, maybe doesn’t pass the picture in the format that is needed after the initial 3-4 rounds.

The log isn’t more detailed than the error message.

I am also having a very similar issue related to dropbox.

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 11.59.39 AM

Hello @itoldusoandso @Elizabeth_Green :wave:

The issue seems to be the fact that you are sending an empty file into the Drive/Dropbox modules.

You can tell so by looking at the buffer length which is 0 in both cases.

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Ah your right the file seems to be corrupted. Thank you

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Heya @Elizabeth_Green thanks for confirming that we’ve pinpointed the issue. Happy to hear that this helped :slight_smile:

@itoldusoandso whenever you have a moment, would you mind taking a look at my previous response? I’m curious to know if it might be applicable to your situation too. :eyes:

It could be the case. I need to investigate. The file is coming from and they seem not responsive to my question whether they allow users with free accounts to process more than 1 low quality preview image for testing.

Hey there @itoldusoandso :wave:

have you found a minute to investigate this any further? :smiling_face:

If yes could you share with us your insights and possible solution?

Thanks a lot :rose:

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