Arlo and Hubspot

Hey everyone!
I got a problem. I am trying to connect a program called Arlo to Hubspot. Sounds simple enough to me but I am stumped. I am trying to use the trigger on a new order from Alro to make a New Contact in HubSpot, or do nothing if the contact is already in Hubspot. The first main issue I have is that the information from Arlo looks like this


Is there a way to get this bundle of information to be expanded in order to get the relevant contact data to setup a new contact in HubSpot?

I have also tried to use the the “New Order” trigger to then trigger and “Contact Search” in Arlo to then be able to pull the needed contact information for HubSpot, but that fails due to the “Contact Search” not being able to reference that I only want the contact information from the new order. Here is what my current scenario looks like.

Here is the error I get.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

So I’m not entirely sure for Arlo but for different apps Ive noticed that between the “Watch” and “Get” modules, there should be a “Search” module that will list a bunch of info.

In your case since you already tried Search Contacts, try Search Order and you might be able to use some of the output from the Watch module to put in the Search Orders input.

Let me know if that works.


Thank you for the information!

Should my scenario look more like this?

Also this is the first bit of info that is pulled in from Arlo.

Here are a couple steps I would take:

  1. See if that works.

  2. If it doesnt, instead of Search Contacts try Search Order since youre only looking for contact info from the order.

  3. Use Search order, then add another module after that for Search Contacts, then try to match it with the first trigger, then you can set conditions or filters to proceed if they match.

Lmk if that helps, if not I’m more than happy to jump on a zoom with you.

So from what I can see now. It look like I am having troubles getting the new information from the Arlo course sign up. It keeps pulling a generic account. Thank you for the offer! Ill take you up on it. Do you have free time next week?

I think you’re incorrectly passing the event ID to the “Get a contact” module.
You should be passing the Resource ID which will be the ID of the Contact that was created.

Hello there @Adam_KING and @Hashir_Azam :wave:

It is so inspiring to see you cooperating in order to solve this issue!

I just wanted to remind you that our forum is a knowledge hub for all Makers who are searching for solutions. If you do jump on a call, please share your ideas and solutions here with us as well.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

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Thanks Wolfy,
I tried that and the issue that came up was that it wasn’t grabbing the most current order contact . I have now tried to link a “Watch Order” to a “Search Order” to be able to get the new user data, but it is now failing because the “Search Order” can not find the new information. I have modified the scenario to to where it is able to to make a contact in Hubspot and add it to a specific list, but I still am not getting the correct data. Here is the current setup. It no longer errors, but it isnt quite right. Thanks in advance!


So I went ahead and tried to clean up everything. The new setup is this. I am still having an issue where it is not pulling the information for the new order. It is pulling duplicate data from the overall account.

Here is what I have selected for the second module in order to try and get the data entered in the new order.

Sorry for all the confusion. Thanks in advance!

Here is the latest update. I am still unable to pull the new order information into the scenario.

The issue is still not resolved. Make has confirmed that there is an issue, but doesn’t have a time frame for the fix.