Asana and Google Sheets integration

The social media team is currently using an Excel-based content calendar in order to track and plan the posting of the content they produce.
My plan is to build a more efficient workflow based on Asana, so they don’t need to use the Excel file anymore. I will do this part.
The problem is that we still need the Excel spreadsheet because it’s more practical in certain situations than Asana, and it’s also wise to keep valuable data outside of walled/paid platforms such as Asana.
Instead of hiring someone to put this data manually from Asana to Excel. I thought I needed to maximize Integromat’s capabilities to automatically pull data from Asana and populate an Excel spreadsheet. Examples: Title of content, URL of content, topic, type of content, hashtags, etc.
Maybe someone has already created a similar integration, or knows how to do it, help me, because I’m new to Make

Here’s a more detailed outline of the steps to achieve this integration. Of course you can add rules and filters as you need.

  1. Add the Asana module and connect it to your Asana account

  2. Add the Google Sheets (or Microsoft Excel) module and connect it to your spreadsheet

  3. In the Asana module, set the trigger to “Watch tasks” or “Watch projects” depending on your specific needs

  4. In the Google Sheets (or Microsoft Excel) module, choose the “Create a new row” or “Update a row” action

  5. Map the data fields from Asana to the corresponding cells in the spreadsheet

  6. Test and run the scenario to make sure it’s working as expected

That’s it! By following these steps, you’ll be able to automatically pull data from Asana and populate your Excel spreadsheet. You can also add additional modules and conditions to make the integration more complex and tailored to your specific needs.

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Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink: