Atera - Clickup creative solution needed for this one :)

Hello guys,

for me it’s really difficult to finalize my current Sequence, the idea is to Link Atera and Clickup.
Atera is a Ticket System our clients use to create IT Tickets, I would like to sync these tickets to Clickup which is our project management software.

What approach have I tried:

#1st idea was to use the “list tickets” and to use “create a Task” on clickups side.
This step worked flawlessly, then I realized when I run this sequence 10 times a day i’m going to have each ticket 10 times in my Clickup :frowning:

To finalize it I tried multiple ways just to copy unique tickets which haven’t been copied to clickup yet, but I haven’t found any solution.

#2nd approach, here is where I got creative, I’ve added a command that “List tickets” should only copy tickets which have the status “Open” and later on I tried to change the ticket status with the “Update a ticket” to pending, but sadly “Update a ticket” doesn’t allow changing the status :frowning:

Updating the ticket priority works, but I can’t update the status.
And I need to update the status with this approach because this would then mean, that only “Open” tickets get copied, and as soon as they are in clickup, Make would change the status to “Pending”

Does anyone have an idea?


You could use a datastore to save the date/time of the last run

Then as the first module get the run date from the datastore, add a filter after the list module that only allows tickets created after the last run date, the finally update the datatstore record at the end

See the image below. Ignore the red flags, I just haven’t connected the modules


Wow! Thank you it has worked flawlessly with this approach. Thank you so much!


Great. Happy to help.

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