How to change ClickUp status from Freshdesk change

I’d like to sync Freshdesk and ClickUp together. So far, I can watch for new tickets and get them to create a task in ClickUp. But I also want the status of the ClickUp task to change based on the status of the Freshdesk ticket. This is where I’ve gotten stuck.

I know that I need to get the ID of the original ticket, match that to the ClickUp task that was created, and then go back into Freshdesk to look for that ticket. Then check the status of the ticket. If it is resolved OR closed, then update the ClickUp status to Complete. I get lost trying to do this part. I’ve tried a few methods but can’t seem to work it out.

Hi :wave:t5:

I believe this could be best sorted with 2 very simple scenarios.

Scenario A would watch only new Freshdesk tickets and create ClickuUP tasks with all the necessary info including the Freshdesk ticket ID (probably in the ClickUP custom field).

Scenario B would watch only updated FreshDesk tickets. It ensures that every ticket that will get updated will “re-enter” your scenario.
You would then use the FreshDesk ticket ID to find the appropriate task in the ClickUp using the “List Filtered Tasks” module’s “Custom Fields” filter where are you saving the IDs during the ticket creation.
Finally, the ClickUp task ID would be used for the task update using the “Edit a Task” module.

The above flow should ensure your ClickUp tasks will always be up-to-date.