Attach File in Gmail Based Upon DocuSign Submission

I use DocuSign to get people to sign a confidentiality agreement related to companies I have for sale. Upon submission, I’d like to use to trigger an email from Gmail but customize the email based upon the DocuSign submission. For example, attach the specific file that provides the confidential information for the specific company they are interested in. Perhaps include custom text as well.

Ideally this could be setup somewhat automatically but I’d also be fine having to go in and tweak a module or spreadsheet so that it’s being handled via mapping.

It seems like this should be possible but I"m not quite coming up with a solution myself. Any help would be appreciated.



This can be achieved using the DocuSign document’s metadata. We can fetch the document-related info and pass it to email or also attach specific files with the email (based on certain rules and conditions).

Feel free to touch base if you need any further assistance.