Attaching items to Outlook via Aggregators

Hey Everyone!

I have a pretty specific issue regarding attaching multiple files to Outlook.

I currently have a requirement to attach one PDF file and a variable amount of images to an email.

With my current setup I have access to all the data I need through HTTP calls however I am having trouble aggregating the separate files into a single email. Currently, the aggregator gets the photos and attaches those correctly, however in order to do this I need to Map the attachments of the email to the aggregator pulling the photos. Here are some screenshots:

And here is the mapping in the email module:

Obviously, this only pulls the images from the aggregator, however I was hoping to simply add another file to the attachments but when map is enabled it does not allow that.

SO, I am assuming I need to aggregate the single file and the aggregator? If I do this as it stands I get 2 children within a new aggregator array - one array and then the individual file which does not work when mapped to the email…

How would be the best way to proceed? Any help would be great!



Hello @Darcy,
I have not tried, but you might be able to use an aggregator on the PDF as well.
Since you’ll end up with two Aggregators, each outputting an array of attachments (even though one of those will only contain 1 attachment), you might be able to use both arrays in a merge() function within the Attachments field.


Yep! That worked perfectly, thanks!