Auto generate google doc template into Monday column

I’m trying to setup a scenario so that my a google sheet and doc template both populate into a column within one of my Monday boards. Does anyone know what kind of scenario I should setup?

Hey @makesense

I’ve done this setup a number of times. Unfortunately the files column in monday doesn’t support google docs via API (or didn’t previously) So I used a ‘link’ column to google drive.

I had a webhook that triggered from to copy a document in google drive and rename it. Then I updated the link column in monday with the newly created google doc. (you should use the google drive module, not the google docs module).

Here is a screenshot of the scenario. I used the variable icons to set folder ids of where the doc should be stored, but if the docs always go in the same folder then that part isn’t necessary.

You could theoretically do this in as few as 3 modules

  1. webhook
  2. copy google drive file
  3. update link column
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Thanks! @timlittletech I tried replicating your scenario and I have a few missing fields. A few questions:
Did you customise the titles under the modules? ie ‘report starts production’?
What’s the ID you wrote out in the first Monday scenario?
In the last Monday module, how do ID a column for a version of the google drive template to populate into?
In tools to set the variable, what variable did you set?

I’m nearly there but every module I have is missing some value fields.

Hey @makesense yes I customized the names of each module, but you should be able to see based on the ‘subtitle’ what each monday/google drive action is.

I used the ID in first monday scenario that came from the webhook. (You should also set up a webhook integration from to fire on item creation or status change etc…

Ignore the set variable. that was a specific need for deciding where in google drive to copy the file to.

regarding file ids in gdrive, if you map them then they are the last part of the google url when you are looking at the document. OR you should be able to select a particular file from ‘My Drive’ or ‘Shared with me’ to copy over.

hope that helps! Good luck!