Monday and Google Drive

I’m trying to do the following

  1. Get files uploaded to Monday, and push them to Google Drive.
  2. Then update Monday with a link to the Google Drive folder.

Getting the files
When getting a Monday item “Assets” are always empty, even when it has files attached to it. If I hardcode a specific Asset ID into “List Files” I have no problem retrieving it.
Any idea why that could be?

Updating a link
I always try to make my scenarios generic, so they can be used by multiple boards.
So I don’t like to “hardcode” the board into the scenario, I always try to map it.
Monday seems to want both a URL and Text for a link column, but how do I define that when mapping the data? I’m unsure how to define that in “Any Value” :man_facepalming:

Hi @Kega

To add a file, please use the module shown below:

You need to download the drive file using “Download a File” module to map in the above module.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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@Mohamed_Jahar , thank you for the reply - but I think I need to explain myself a bit better.

I idea is users will upload files to Monday, either by form or updates/comments.
I wish to take these files from Monday and store them in Google Drive.

But when I get an Item in make, it has no Assets - event though it has Assets in Monday.
For example, here we have a test item call Testy.

But when I get the same Item in Make the Assets list is empty

If I giving Make the asset ID manually then I can get the file. But I don’t understand why I can’t see it on the item.

I then upload the file(s) to Google Drive, and wish to update a Link column in Monday with the folder URL.
Only problem is I’m not sure how a Link should be formatted, I just know this is wrong :smiley:

So I found out why I wasn’t getting any assets, Monday only shows the ones in a “files column”.
If they are uploaded through the “Gallery”, they aren’t accessible on the Item in the API - because, reasons.


Still curious what I should write in the Any Data, when Monday expect more than one source. In this case a text and url.

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