Automate Email notification based on specific affiliate in activecampaign

Hey, I want to swap my Zapier zaps to make but it’s a lot harder to use and I may need some help :slight_smile:

My plan:
I collect leads on activecampaign through a Video Funnel. A user has to optin to my mailing list to see the video. We created a custom invisible field inside the optin called “affiliate” which gets automatically filled from the url, for example:

so activecampaign knows this lead comes from affiliate xyz.

And I want to create an email notification for the affiliates when they collect a new lead.
I have a google sheet with all my affiliates including their affiliate ID and email.

(and send me a push notification with pushover)

Sadly my filter doesnt work, or when i recieve more then 1 lead in 2minutes, 1 with an affiliate - one without the automation crashes cause my filter looks bad…
Current setup looks like this:

first step:

second step to recieve the custom affiliate field(not included in watch contacts):

third step (just for me - works):

4th step:

the filter between 4th and 5th:

5th step:

the error:

Encountered error in Integration ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets scenario

Your scenario Integration ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets has encountered an error.

The scenario has not been paused and continues to run according to your settings. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the issue.

  • Scenario: **
  • Organization: **
  • Team: **
  • Execution: **


  • Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
  • Missing value of required parameter 'address'.

the support already told me I should need iterators if we recieve a lot of leads and get a better solution:

*Note: By default, it will check every 15 minutes for new contacts to be added. If you have a lot of traction, and there are multiple signups, this might result in contacts being discarded and not processed! You can either choose to check more regularly, e.g. every 2 minutes, or you can build a “clean” solution and instead of setting the limit to 1, start working with iterators - but this is a slightly advanced topic, and I assume there are not that many leads coming as of today, right? You should be checking out the free Make Academy, it’s a really good time investment and has courses just on Iterators.)

we collect around 50-100 leads daily atm

would love to stick to make and maybe find help here :slight_smile: Thank you!

Am I allowed to push topics here?