Automatic Renaming of Files from Gmail to Google Drive

Hey :slight_smile: I just wanna ask for a little bit of help, I’ve been stuck on this for hours.

I’m making a scenario that adds a file from a Gmail attachment to a Google Drive folder.

How do I get the file renamed automatically when it is added to the folder?

I tried everything and I keep going back to square one. Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi Micha,
I think your question might be missing a bit of context.
Perhaps answering these questions would get your question some more feedback.

  • What is your result vs. your expected result? For example, if you want to rename a file when it’s stored in GDrive, where do you get the name of the file? From the name it has as a GMail attachment?
  • Are you getting any errors?
  • You said you’ve tried everything, do you have screenshots or anything that can demonstrate the problems and what you’ve tried so far?

Hi @Micha_Colorada
When you map the file, there you can see two fields:

  1. Data
  2. Name

You need to edit the name field for renaming.

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